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5 Simple Ways to Create High Quality Backlinks in SEO


Backlinks are sites that link to your website. You have to ensure that your site is linked to good backlinks because toxic backlinks can get your site to be ranked poorly by search engines. A toxic backlink could also easily affect your organic traffic. The quality of backlinks greatly determines traffic to your website it has, and that is why you have to ensure that you only have authoritative backlinks.

Unfortunately, there are hired SEOs and some site owners who attempt to get links from questionable platforms such as porn sites while attempting to boost traffic to their sites. Doing this could have unhealthy outcomes to your site. However, you can use the following simple ways to create high-quality backlinks for SEO. After creating this links, you can comfortably check for your site’s ranking using Serpbook.

1.      Find high-quality blogs

One of the most effective ways for creating high-quality backlink for your site is finding blogs that post excellent content. It is imperative to ensure that the blogs you settle for posting similar topics to your site. By doing so, Google can categorize your website, leading to higher rankings, and ultimately, more traffic to your site. To accomplish this, you need to carry out intensive research. You have to ensure that you check what competitor sites are doing, then figure out where they source their high-quality backlinks. You could then attempt to get your backlinks from these websites. Fortunately, spying on your competition has been made easier by tools such as Ahrefs, which deliver quite accurate and impressive results.

2.      Broken link building

Broken link building is another effective way to get high-quality backlinks in SEO. Every website, including those that are well-established, is bound to experience some broken links at one time. You can use a broken link checker to search sites for broken links. You are guaranteed to find one as sites usually move content around other pages online, and these links usually break. When visitors click on a broken link, they are taken to a 404 error page – it indicates that the content they are looking for is no longer available.

Broken links make it harder for a search engine to index sites, which is something you wouldn’t want for your site. Broken link building, however, is the ultimate solution. Once you’ve found a broken link on another site, you can look for the content that was originally there, then offer the website a chance to change the broken link with a valid link that has relevant content. You should ensure to approach this strategy cautiously and provide the other site with incentives such as a guest article.

3.      Guest posting

Guest posting/blogging is also one of the easiest ways to get high-quality backlinks. So, how does this work exactly? Simple. You contribute free, high-quality content to the website that you would like to get a backlink from. This is a great strategy because both sides get to enjoy the benefits. You get your backlink, while the other website owner gets a free article. Getting backlinks through this strategy, however, is a bit difficult because some site owners might provide poorly written articles in exchange for a high-quality backlink.

4.      Create an infographic

Today, infographics have gained a lot of popularity. They have proved to be an effective way of getting backlinks as well. If you don’t know how to create an excellent infographic that is guaranteed to captivate others, you can always hire an expert freelancer to carry out the job for you. When creating an infographic, you have to ensure that it contains information that is relevant to your target audience. After creating one, you can now look for blogs whose content is similar to your infographic. Email them asking whether they would like to use your infographic. If they agree, send them the infographic and ensure that it has a link to the post on your website where you used it.

5.      Public relations

Last but not least, public relations is a strategy that could see you get the quality backlinks that you’ve been gunning for. To go about this, you could get your site sited as a source in a particular news article. This has been made easier by the fact that journalists and bloggers are always looking for new and interesting information to post in their articles. When choosing this strategy, you have to be wary of over-optimization, which may see you get a Google’s Penguin penalty.


Every website owner wants his site to rank at the top of the first page of a search engine. One of the most effective ways to see your site achieve such a high ranking is having high-quality backlinks. If you don’t know how to go about it, you can look into the five simple ways listed in this article.



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