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#BAAD2017: ‘Adesuwa Must Stay Off The Social Media For A While – Omotola Adviced Banky

With the latest social media scandal being served all the way from Capetown, South Africa, as the newest groom in town; Banky-W mistakenly uploaded his new bride’s nakedness on Instagram, it is pertinent to recall the unheeded advice of one of Nollywood’s biggest diva to the celebrity couple just 8 days to the Capetown wedding.

If there’s any celebrity who’s qualified to give marital advice to BankyW and Adesuwa (particularly Adesuwa), then Omotola surely is one to think of, with about two decades of successful marriage, good family and career under her belt.

She gave a seemingly prophetic advice 8 days to the widely celebrated wedding and exactly 11 days to the now officially registered ‘Capetown Nakedness Disaster’ by Banky-W; telling them to keep off social media for a while after their cape town wedding.

She wrote on her Instagram page “Dear Banky and Adesua,

After capetown, everyone leaves…it’s just you two.
My darlings if possible, stay off social media a bit.
Communicate continuously
Preserve your friendship not just your love
Even as you two have now become one, don’t forget to respect your individuality.
We love you and are rooting for your special Love.” Timely and prophetic, isn’t it?

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