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Beautiful Nigerian Lady Rejects Car Gift From Married Man

A Port Harcourt-based model, beauty therapist and entrepreneur, Favour Philip has revealed why she turned down a brand new car gift from a man.

He is married but looking for a lady to be sleeping with, the car was just like a trap to catch a Rat. Good to see we still have some decent ladies.

Read what she wrote;
“I will never hurt a fellow woman because I will, one day, be in that position of a married woman and I will be so bitter if I find out that my husband cheats on me and goes as far as buying a car for the woman he cheats on me with.

“There was nothing between me and the man in question but he was doing everything possible to get me into having an amorous relationship with him. I am an independent woman and I don’t need any man to enjoy the good things of life. I bought my first car from the business I set up as a student. Every lady out there has huge potential; they don’t need to rely on any man.”

Speaking about her passion to empower young girls, the entrepreneur added, “I am passionate about empowering other young girls by giving them the opportunity to learn from me. I also support them financially to set up businesses for themselves. I have plans to start a television show to empower and encourage young ladies as time goes on.”


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