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Who Is Morayo Afolabi-Brown? | Biography/Profile/Interview Of TVC Your View Host Morayo Afolabi-Brown

Morayo-AK MORAYO Afolabi-Brown is the director of programmes at Television Continental, Lagos. She is the originator of the popular early morning programme on the station, Your View.39-40-New-Women-September-8-2013-She

Morayo is a natural leader who takes pride in re-creating her professionalism in others. She hopes to utilize her acquired experience in high level management, project management, problem solving, communication, organization, implementation and leadership skills, in a structured and enabling work environment, where teamwork is encouraged and objectives are clear. She is hard worker, highly motivated and result driven individual with a passion for corporate communications and media

Her drive and passion propels her to the top in any organization she finds herself. She is dedicated and committed to excellence at all times.

Morayo has won several leadership related awards within and out the country and she is a member of the Golden Key honor society. She is also a recipient of the Who’s Who is American Colleges, 2002.



  • Anchor for Your View breakfast show

    TVC Entertainment
    – Present (2 years 8 months)

    Deputy Director, Programmes and Host of the daily breakfast show, Your View on TVC Entertainment. In fulfilling her life long desire to be a voice for good governance and positive thinking, she (alongside her job) anchors the number one breakfast show ion Lagos with other co-hosts. .

  • Deputy Director, Programmes

    TVC Entertainment
    – Present (3 years 9 months)

    • Report directly to the Director, News and Programmes on both channels.
    • Create and develop informative programmes on the News channel and entertainment programmes on the local channel.
    • Revamp the local channel from a local-news station to an entertainment focused channel in order to drive revenue for the international channel.
    • Engage the best personnel on each channel and ensure optimal delivery on all approved productions.
    • Supervise the combined staff strength of 85 people working in content acquisition, production and presentation.
    • Work closely with the Commercial unit to ensure that every programme produced is marketable and can generate substantial revenue.
    • Attend weekly Directors’ meeting to keep top management abreast of programmes related updates.
    • Develop annual programmes budget for both content production and acquisition on the two channels.
    • Acquire content within and outside the country for both channels.
    • Supervise programmes scheduling in line with acceptable standards locally and internationally.
    • Initiate international sale of locally produced content as additional revenue towards the bottom-line.
    • Supervise other units related to production such as Editting, Makeup, Wardrobe and Graphics.
    • Supervise the use of four world class studios where programmes are being produced almost round the clock.

    Landmark Achievements on the local channel
    • Successfully re-launched the local channel into an audience sought after entertainment station.
    • Developed a brand new programmes strategy to target women and the youth audience.
    • Supervised the re-working of five major programmes and championed the production of the city’s number one breakfast show; Your View
    • Pushed the local rating of the channel from the 8th position to 1st within 6 months, which it currently occupies.
    • Increased annual revenue generated from N30million to N80million per month.images

  • Head, Content Development

    (3 years 11 months)

    • Report directly to the MD/CEO on all Content and Channels related activities
    • Secure appropriate content for the channels and implement channels’ strategy in accordance with audience requirements.
    • Keep abreast on competition, competitive issues and maintain editorial responsibility for the channels.
    • Ensure consistent delivery of high quality broadcasts within the success parameters of target market.
    • Manage channel budgets on monthly bases.
    • Monetize all of eight channels by ensuring air time is available for sale during the daily broadcast.
    • Work closely with Brand & Marketing on all channel branding related activities.
    • Ensure regulatory, company ethics and channel requirements are met in compliance with all rules governing public broadcasts.
    • Set goals and monitors team’s performance around the goals
    • Attend various international content festivals such as Cannes in France and Discorp Africa, with the objective of acquiring new content and offering our locally produced content for international platforms.

    Landmark Achievements

    • Appointed and an active member of Hi-Media’s five member EXCO.
    • Successfully acquired and launched multiple brand news channels, Hi-Nolly Yoruba and 4 Real TV
    • Provided exemplary leadership to a twenty-eight (28) man team, consisting of eight (8) Managers and twenty (20) junior staff.
    • Re-negotiated all international channel costs downwards, saving the company hundred thousands of dollars.
    • Acquired additional foreign channels for the company, namely; MTVBase, StarGold, Ahlulbayat, DayStar and Viasat.
    • Led the Motion Graphics team in re-branding and re-packaging of the channels, making them more attractive to viewers and more marketable to advertisers.
    • Successfully motivated and revived the solemn staff, after the loss of the EPL, to become energized to meet required targets.


  • Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick
    BA, Political Science 

    Activities and Societies: Golden Key Honor Society, Who’s Who in American Colleges, President African Students union (Twese), President Student Government Association (MCCC), Student of the Year (MCCC), Honors Convocation Award

  • Mercer County Community College

    Associate of Arts and Sciences (A.A.S.), Humanities and Social Sciences, 3.5 (–2

    Mercer gave me the best experience of leadership. I learnt what it is to be a leader and how to ensure every member of your team is never left out. I’ll forever owe this to our Director of Student Affairs, Diane Dickson.

    Activities and Societies: President, Student Government Honors Convocations awards Valedictorian at graduation Outstanding Student award Student of the year award


The US returnee talked about how it all started. See excerpt from interview below:


What actually fascinates you about broadcasting?

I have always wanted to look for a platform to orientate the people, pass positive message across to the public, and broadcasting is one of those avenues I can do that.
For how long have you been in the profession?

I have been into broadcasting for a while. I have worked in various capacities. I worked in HiTV before it went off. I have been in the profession for sometime now.

Is broadcasting what you actually read in school?

I schooled in the US. I graduated in Political Science. I used to watch a show in the US then and I was fascinated about it and I told myself when I get to Nigeria, I would replicate the show. That is how Your View came into existence.

It appears the show is all about women?

The objective of the show is to get some women around engage in an interesting topic, how women think and react to situations.

Since inception what is the level of acceptability of the show?
We have a huge reception, mostly women, they have been impressed with what we do. Even men encourage us to keep doing the show.

It is a no holds bar show where the hosts share opinions and sometime disagree. Does that affect your personal relationship outside the studio?

Not at all. The objective of the show is to be different. We have different ideas, exposures. The fireworks define who we are. I like the fact that we are different. We can’t agree all the time. That is how women are, they always fight.

What informs the topic chosen for the day?

What people are talking about, family, marriage, children, politics, business.

Your first time on the show, what was it like?

I have been into broadcasting for long but I never stepped in front of the camera. And because I originated the show, I allowed somebody else to anchor it for a while. When the person moved on to another thing, I had to take the bull by the horn. It was difficult initially, later we coped.

What kind of ritual do you do before coming on air?

First, I go online, read news, read the papers, do make up, get an idea of the topic for the day.

What will you say are your unique qualities?

I think the leadership and experience I brought to the table. I know the focus and I make sure we stand by it. That’s the balance I brought into the show.

Who dresses you for the show?

We don’t have a fashion designer, everybody just do their own. There is nothing out of this world.

What is growing up like for you?

I was born in Lagos and I grew up here. I left Nigeria in 1995 for the US and I came back in 2004. Since then, I have been in the media. I have always been in the background. Presently, I am the Director of Programmes, Television Continental.



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