Miss Colombia: ‘Everything happens for a reason’ Ariadna Gutierrez reacts backstage after being mistakenly crowned Miss Universe.

Gutierrez was originally announced as the winner before host Steve Harvey admitted the 21-year-old Colombian beauty was actually the first runner-up.

Miss Philippines was crowned the 2015 winner a short time later while Gutierrez was then named first runner-up, followed by USA’s Olivia Jordan as second runner-up.

Australia’s Monika Radulovic failed to make the final three of the contest but impressed judges and the internet with her considered response in the Q&A portion of the event.

The 25-year-old, who holds an honours degree in psychology, stated she supports the legalisation of marijuana and said she agrees with Australia’s steps to decriminalise the drug. She added that it has been beneficial in helping people in certain circumstances and “the government should weigh up both sides”.