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Canadian singer Keshia Chante posts emotional tribute to former fiance Raymond Robert Emery who died of apparent drowning

Canadian singer Keshia Chante wrote a touching tribute to her former fiance Raymond Robert Emery, who was found dead by drowning on Sunday, July 15, 2018.

Ray Emery, former Ottawa Senators goalkeeper, and Keshia Chante, who grew up in Ottawa, dated from June 2010 through to 2017 until Keshia called off the wedding to the NHL player after allegations of domestic abuse.

On Monday, she took to Instagram and shared a picture of the two of them during happier times and expressed her disbelief at his death.

She wrote:

Raymond Robert Emery (Sept 28 1982-July 15 2018) my heart is heavy. i am at a loss. distraught. obliterated. The love of my life, best friend, the man i was going to marry. U loved me with every fibre of ur being even though it overwhelmed me at times. U took care of me, protected me. So incredibly passionate, loving & affectionate. My cuddle bear. That smile.. the way u looked at me. U always made sure I knew how much u loved me. Even at the very end. Intelligent, hilarious, entertaining, giving, charismatic, a leader, family-oriented, a fierce competitor, good hearted, determined. U always amazed me. A hip disease where they said u wouldn’t walk again. I watched u go from bandages, to walking, to skating, to playing pro hockey again then to winning a Stanley Cup like a King. A superhero I called u. Unfortunately my baby, u believed u were invincible in every way. U had demons u were fighting, ones that u felt u were too invincible to confront the way I wanted u to. God, I wish u would have, I wish I didn’t need to walk away. Many nights I stayed awake worried about u not coming home. my biggest fear. ur lifestyle catching up with u. today is now the worst day of my life. The day u would leave this earth. 35 years is too young my love but God, did u ever live ur life to the fullest. U brought so many along with u, took care of many, loved to share, loved to laugh, a great story teller. Literally the life of any party. 7 years together & so many incredible adventures & memories I will hold onto forever. We lived in 6 cities & went through the good, bad & the ugly together. Sometimes we fought but we fought for each other more than anything. Thick & thin. U taught me so much. U gave me all of u & I’m so grateful to have had u in my life. No one knew u the way I did & it was an honor that u let me in that way. It was an honor that u asked me to marry u. We were inseparable, attached, a bond so rare. My heart is completely broken. Big Fella, I love u always.
My heart is with the Emery Family & everyone who loved him so prolifically. We will get through this together.


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