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Download WhatsApp 2018: New Version Of 2018 Whatsapp For Android, IOS, Mac OS, Pc, Nokia S40, S60 even for Blackberry

Download WhatsApp 2018 New Version Update – WhatsApp is working on a new version of the application. Some of the new features on wahats app version 2018 pinned into the service instant messanger.

Some of the features of Whatsapp for android, ios, mac os, pc, nokia s40, s60 even for Blackberry that you can download at link below download that we provide. Whatsapp 2018 latest apk support of the android 2.3 long time until android oreo the latest version 2018.

WhatsApp 2018 New Version Review

On the latest version of WhatsApp 2018 update their apps with the release of the feature picture in picture (PiP). This feature makes WhatsApp users can make video calls ( video call) while opening other applications, including typing messages to other contacts.
This feature has previously been tested in a beta version. Now, testing it seems to have been over and WhatsApp began to release the feature to all users.
At this time new Android users Oreo can feel the video call using the PiP mode. Android other types of not can feel it. PiP itself is an innate feature of Android Oreo, which is useful to make video calls can still be implemented in a small window, while the user opens another application.
In addition to released PiP feature, WhatsApp has also restore the text messages in the Status column.
Earlier, an instant message could erase mode of the message text in the Status, so that users can only upload photos or a short video in their Status.
With the update this time, WhatsApp users can already upload Status text-based, with background of certain color. Text message feature that can be felt by all users, both Android wear Oreo and the previous version.
Download WhatsApp 2018 New Version Update
the second feature offers the ability WhatsApp users to have update only the text as their status. Before this, the user is only allowed to put their photos and videos as status updates, and have a text overlay as per their desire.
The new version of WhatsApp stable in Android whereas in iOS lets the user choose the background color and add text. Status text only also have visibility for up to 24 hours. In particular, this feature is rolling out to Android and iPhone users since the end of last month, and it seems to now have been available in the latest version.
The latest version of Android it supports picture-in-picture, battery saver, boot speed and system autofill thorough.

Download WhatsApp 2018 Update Android Oreo

Download WhatsApp 2018 Update Android Oreo
WhatsApp 2018 has rolled-out an upgrade to sustain the current attributes in Android Oreo. WhatsApp has pushed-out an upgrade to Android individuals that consists of assistance for picture-in-picture.
The Facebook-owned messenger has actually been checking the performance considering that July, however had actually not disclosed when individuals can anticipate to see the function decline.
Picture-in-picture, which reduces a smart device application right into a tiny home window that drifts over the top of the os as well as could be made use of while an additional application runs fullscreen, is among the heading brand-new attributes of Android 8.0 Oreo.
WhatsApp Latest Version 2018 sustains picture-in-picture on any type of mobile phone running Android 8.0 Oreo.
When customers remain in a video clip phone call, touching the back switch will certainly proceed the video clip contact a picture-in-picture home window.
WhatsApp individuals could proceed the video clip conversation while searching various other discussions within WhatsApp, or launch an additional application.

Download WhatsApp 2018 New Version Update

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