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Five (5) Things You Must Know About The Wedding Party Nollywood Movie Before Release Of Part Two ( 2) In December 2017

“The Wedding Party” launched in December 2016, the movie earned a worldwide acclaim, leaving viewers with one of the best comedy movies of the year.

It’s 2017 and a sequel is in the works as the producers have an interest in continuing the movie.

There’s probably a lot we still don’t know about wedding parties, but there are quite a number of things we are sure people would love to see in this upcoming sequel.

Check out five things we would love to see in “The Wedding Party” sequel.

1. Stronger Lead Characters

One of the problems of “The Wedding Party” is that while Dunni and Dozie had a fantastic chemistry, it wasn’t enough to truly portray them as the main characters.

They weren’t the characters that captured the viewers interest and empathy.

Hopefully, the sequel would come with stronger lead characters with a plot strong enough to justify their roles.

Sola Sobowale in “The Wedding Party”

2. Sola Sobowale as Tinuade Coker

What is “The Wedding Party” without Sola Sobowale as Tinuade Coker? Definitely not a bad film, but also, it won’t be the record breaking movie everyone cant stop talking about.

She effortlessly carried the movie, giving the audience reasons to stroll into the cinema for a second time. A sequel with the talented veteran is all the producers need to create an entertaining sequel, without trying to hard.

Nonso Onwuka and Deardre Winston

3. A relationship between Nonso Onwuka and Deardre Winston

Enyinna Nwigwe and Daniella Down seemed to have the hots for each other in “The Wedding Party”; a chemistry that can be worked on to create a spin-off.

A relationship between the two in the first movie would have been an unnecessary distraction, but, since we’re getting a sequel, their attraction and cultural diversity might as well come into play.

Nigerian jollof rice (Love Wedding)

4. Jollof Rice

Who else noticed the absence of Jollof rice in a supposed typical Nigerian wedding? While the sequel will be shot in Dubai, we are hoping the city offers viewers something Nigeria couldn’t; Jollof rice.

A scene from A scene from “The Wedding Party”

5. A bigger role for Ikechukwu as Sola

Remember how much fun Sola was in the first movie as Dozie’s best man? Hopefully, the sequel will create more screen time for the character.

There’s absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t see that happen in the sequel, unless the producers of “The Wedding Party” are working with an entirely different cast.


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