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Former Nigerian Female Presidential Candidate Sarah Jubril Celebrates Her 72nd Birthday With Party Members

Former Presidential Candidate Sarah Jubril Celebrates 72 Birthday With Party Members. 

Dr. Mrs. Sarah jubril, wife of General Jubril, Nigeria first female presidential candidate and face of Nigeria woman politics turns 72nd Tuesday 6th 2018. She was the SA to the ‎former President Goodluck Jonathan on Ethics and Value, a dogged fighter for fairness and justice.

The birthday was marked at Justice Must Prevail party secretariat in Abuja earlier today with the presence of the chairman Dr. Olusegun Ijagbemi and other party stalwart.

A special presention of gift was delivered by Mr. Flexbaniel Blessing Oyefeso, the National Youth Leader of the party on behalf of the entire youth  of the party. ‎


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