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Google Night Sight: Google’s Pixel 3 is all about the camera. Google nailed that camera department

Google Night Sight: Default Vs Night Sight Mode Battle In Pictures,

The true colours and sharpness of pictures taken using the google night sight mode on pixel 3 is beyond what I understand or can explain. The pictures taken with the Pixel camera with night site mode on is literally impossible to achieve with any post-processing software or photo editor. You will have to use a big sensor, high ISO and faster lens to achieve such a result. We believe the official release of the Camera app next month may provide a better result compared to the app early mod as its possible that Google may still include some tweaks to the internal algorithms.

Default Mode ( LEFT) Vs Night Sight Mode (RIGHT)

Below shots were taken with Google pixel 3 XL. No usage of flash in all the shots since Google claimed we would never have to use it again with the Night Sight Mode. See picture comparison below.

See pictures below: 


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