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How to Turn Your Ordinary Tv To A Smart Tv Using Ip10g Android Smart Tv Dongle

A SMART tv refers to any tv that has inbuilt internet access.This connection to the Internet allows the tv to work with a range of online services like streaming,on demand video,social media and applications.

A NON SMART Tv (or DUMB Tv) does not have these features so requires help from an external source.It is in this light that i present to you IP10G Smart tv dongle with iptv function,which allows you to watch more than 3500 premium tv stations from across the world,and also allows you to wirelessly connect your phone/laptop to your tv.

This device is a wireless dongle that when plugged into a TVs hdmi port, turns the DUMB Tv into smart tv ,thus opening a world of amazing features on your tv.It has in-built wifi and supports internet access via WIFI,SIM CARD VIA USB MODEM AD USB NETWORK.It can output 1080p and 4k HD videos and comes with a remote control for easy navigation of the console

• Hdmi cable
• 5v power adapter
• Remote control
• USB external remote sensor
• The IP10G smart tv dongle
If you have an old tv set without any SMART Tv features and you can’t afford or just don’t want to upgrade to a newer and more capable set yet.Then this SMART tv dongle is all you need to open a world of amazing new features to your old or DUMB Tv set at a very affordable rate.These features in most recent tv brands and model cost a fortune to acquire.

• Play your favorite videos,music,pictures,youtube,tulu,netflix etc wirelessly from your Android phone or computer,simply by pairing your phone/computer with your tv.
• It comes embedded with over 3,500 premium channels which can be activated by iptv codes for a duration of 3 to 6 months before being renewed.
• Play your favorite Android games on your large tv screen from your phone.
• Make wireless presentations from your phone or computer on your tv.

To set it up,simply plug it into an available hdmi port of your tv and then plug the IP10G power cable.The power cable uses a standard micro USB connector,so you may even use the USB port of your tv (if it has one) to power it or you can still power it with the 5v power adapter that comes with the smart tv dongle.
Select the correct hdmi input on your tv to see the interface of the smart tv dongle.
To display the content of your phone wirelessly on your tv screen,which will enable you play your games,videos,music,online content etc; Run the smart tv apk app on your android phone or .exe software on your computer to complete the setup.The smart tv dongle will display some identification information on the screen that you will need to enter into the smart phone’s app and the app will scan for the device and let you configure it for your wireless network.This will wirelessly pair your laptop/phone with our NEW SMART TV,thus allowing you to CAST content from your phone/laptop to your tv.
In addition to projecting the content of your phone to your tv,this smart tv dongle will unleash a world of amazing satellite TV contents right in your living room.It enables you to watch premium paid stations across the world,including the 2018 Fifa world cup.It has a total of 3,500 channels
I have these dongles instock and can be delivered nationwide.
PRICE.: 10,000 naira
MODE OF DELIVERY: Payment on delivery at your location.

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