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I learnt very early in life to understand that it is absolutely fine to be “dumped” by a woman on financial grounds. It’s a choice. Some men walk out of relationships simply because the woman earns more. It’s a choice.

See, ladies have left some of us for several reasons ranging from finance to look. But I found that when the financial status were changing and the look was getting better, they all attempted a comeback, and that’s what I have a problem with. Personally, I consider that an insult. I usually do not like when one cannot embrace the outcome of decisions taken.

You see, the idea is simple. #50,000 is your reality, and you probably are not after value, that is why you are scared. If you had worked well to add value to yourself, you are unlikely to be bothered about men earning #50k. Where will a #50k earner meet an Otedola’s daughter to marry? Where will an Imperial College distinction graduate meet a #50k salary earner? Usually, if a lady that earns #500k would marry a #50k salary earner, it would be more of her decision than the guy’s. Why? She’s got many valuable options and would need bigger convictions to pitch with the #50k guy. You can choose to occupy that position of taking decision rather than being decided on.

So do not bother your head. Just add value as a lady. You will meet someone at your level. For those sitting and only painting faces for snap chat however, I have one news for you. Those guys that earn #500k plus are either married or dating ladies at that class. Most of them started from that #50k, improved on themselves, met their wives or fiancees along the way until now that they earn what they earn. Your ideal man (two cars, house of his own, a great job, a solid side business, high social status, drop-jaw handsomeness etc) is a married man 99% of the time.

Buttom line: it’s ok to set a standard for yourself. You deserve the best of guys (if finance is your own standard of best). Just be sure to keep adding value. On your journey, value will meet value. Don’t bother join the #50k argument.

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