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“I’ve never chatted, spoken or met Chima before” one of the women allegedly involved with Juliet Mgborukwe’s estranged husband speaks up

Former actress Juliet Mgborukwe and her estranged husband Chima Ojukwu have been going back and forth, making accusations against each other. One of the women dragged into the drama has now spoken up to deny her alleged connection with Chima.


Juliet accused Chima of sending her photos of curvy Nigerian women and chats he had with them. Gold, an Akwa Ibom lady, was one of those who Chima was allegedly involved with. After Juliet exposed screenshots of Chima’s chats with women, Gold said she was bombarded with calls and messages from people.


To clear her name, she reached out to Chima, asking for an explanation. She also explained that she has never communicated with him until after her name was mentioned in the scandal. She said he was the one who sent her a message on the 17th of April 2018 but she didn’t reply and only spoke with him for the first time after she was dragged into the estranged couple’s social media war.

Sharing screenshots of her chat with Chima, she wrote:

So I’ve been getting lots of calls, tags and massages about this issue I know completely nothing about. I even just realized now that @chima989 sent me a massage on the 17th of April 2018 that I didn’t even noticed or replied. I just had a conversation with him today for the first time. It’s really unfair of@juliet_mgborukwe to drag me into this even after knowing as he claimed to had told you he was trying to make you jealous with my pictures. Please I’ve never chatted,spoken or met @chima989 before in my life. 



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