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Jayden Ubi-Ofem’s 2nd Birthday: Lilian Esoro & Ubi Franklin Celebrate Their Son

Lilian Esoro and Ubi Franklin have since separated but they’ve been co-parenting successfully without any drama.

According to Lilian, she can’t comprehend how she did it with Ubi but they are raising a rare gem together.

“Happy birthday son.���� I am super blessed seeing you take on another year in good health, happiness n strength. I am super glad your dad and I are able to raise a super Happy, handsome, sweet, smart, and intelligent boy.

I really don’t know how we did this @ubifranklintriplemg but we are raising a rare gem here. I bless God for it all. We are super proud to have you as our son. Happy birthday my sweet-happy-sugar-creamy-handsome-chocolate-butterscotch footballer in the making ��� oya oo Modeling Agencies over to you. ���� Go forth and prosper in Jesus name. Mummy loves you ��

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