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Kenyan Lady Exposes Maid Who Plans To Break Her Marriage To Become New Wife

A Kenyan woman has taken to Facebook to post photos of her former housemaid, whom she claimed had insidious plans to break her marriage and get married to her husband.

The woman warned other women against employing her as she is a home wrecker and devil worshiper.

Her post which was written mostly in Swahili, but from the little written in English, the wife stated that in the quest to become the next wife, the maid allegedly launched a plan to destroy her marriage by saying unpleasant things about her to her husband whenever she wasn’t home.

But it was quite unfortunate that she always acts kind whenever she is around and not knowing that she was the devil backstabbing her with the hope to break her marriage.

This eventually led to constant quarrels between them and she had to relieve her of her job.


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