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 Linda Emeshie Agi got married on April 1st, 2013 at the age of 40 Gave Birth To Quadruplets in 2017

Anonymous Wrote: My sister Linda Emeshie Agi got married on April 1st, 2013 at the age of 40. She never planned to get married at that age, but she suffered several disappointments but she never gave up on love.

Finally, she walked down the aisle with an amazing man, Thomas Agi, who simply dotted on her and showered her with so much love. I was happy for her! My baby sister had finally settled down, and it appeared like her woes were over, then the wait for children began.

The first year came and went, then the second, and the third year, and then it became a prayer point. She had several miscarriages, at a point i lost count. She also had fibroids and had to go through several operations. It hurt me to see my baby sister go through so much.

Through it all, her husband stood by her as they waited, he never left her side and was a strong encouragement. Finally in late 2017, they discovered they were expecting not one, two but quadruplets!

At the time they were living in Abuja, and they decided to have the babies in the US.
As of the time, things were financially stable for them. She and her husband had saved towards it, and she traveled to the US in March 2018 ahead of the delivery.

While she was in the US, My sister’s husband’s business faced a rough patch, and they financially fell on rough times.

The Agi Quads were born at the Memorial Hermann Southwest 4th Floor Pavilion NICU
7600 Beechnut Street Houston Texas 77074.

They arrived on the 1st of June, 2018 – all four of them! The Agi quads – Zepheniah, Mercy-Grace, Amaris and Adrienne. They were a cute bunch. Like most multiple births, they had to be delivered preterm via caesarian section and they had to stay in the incubator for one month.

Now they have the children they have prayed for, getting money to take care of them has become a problem.

They have gone into debt to pay for mounting hospital bills, and they have successfully been able to pay all the bills, but they have had to sell their cars, an apartment, just to raise the money to ensure the babies remain in the incubator for a month.

Tomorrow, the Agi Quads will be discharged from the ICU unit, and they can’t afford to pay for the services of a paediatrician, or purchase diapers and formula that the babies would require. My sister is so stressed out, and it hurts me because I can’t even get to her in America.

She can’t fly back to Nigeria with the quads until they are about two months old. So she has been besides herself, looking for how she would care for them within that period of time.

Currently, she’s staying with her sister in law in Houston, US and the babies are due to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. She has no clue how she would provide all their needs.

Please help me extend a hand of love to this beautiful family. Whatever help can be rendered will be appreciated.

We need the services of a paediatrician, diapers and formula, but more importantly,We need your prayers, we need all your good wishes.

You can reach out to her or the hospital where the Agi quads have been for a month to verify this story.

God bless you!

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