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Meet Faith Nketsi, The Super Endowed South African Twerk Queen That Is A Threat To Cardi B

Faith Nketsi is known online as “Queen Twerk”, thanks to her oversized butt cheeks. Seriously — she gives Kim Kardashian a run for her money! She’s also a South African entertainment model.

Faith Nketsi aka Queen Twerk is a bootyfull South African entertainment model whose body has gotten her involved in more scandals than the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The endowed South African goddess who has been linked to Davido also recently was the reason Offset and Cardi B split briefly, according to sources with receipts.

Nketsi also is breaking the internet after she released a video of her engaged in fellatio with an entertainer suspected to be Davido.

The video vixen was allegedly introduced to Migos crooner Offset by Davido, who is friends with the American rappers who live in his childhood neighborhood of Atlanta.


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