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Men In Marriage: How To Play The In-law Politics!

1. Never put up in in-law’s house!

Even if your wife’s dad is Dangote, never be tempted to settle in his house. No that’s not economical, rather it’s sheer cowardice! You’d never be respected! Every hardworking and hard-thinking man has his transient trying times(the lazy’s trying period is eternal tho!) doesn’t matter if all you can afford is a 1 bedroom Lagos slum apartment for now, if your in-laws can’t trust your wife with your future, let them marry their child!

2. Never accommodate family members!

It’s baseless having to accommodate siblings, brothers and sisters In-law beyond marriage!Your house shouldn’t be an IDP camp for them; Or better still continue, your undoing will catch-up when your wife’s junior sister starts complaining you buy more clothes for your siblings than her. No matter the temptation, better hire a registered house-help and take care of your siblings and in-laws from afar. Always remember, not a human being can be satisfied!

3. Have a plan for all visitors!

Sit your wife down and tell her irrespective of the position of the visitor, have a definite number of days, quality of meal, departing funds to give all!

“You gave your daddy 2 pieces of meat, you gave mine 1” bullshyte stories have destroyed many young families. Be wise!

4. Never accept financial aids NOR borrow from your in-laws

That’s if you have any amount of dignity left in you, but if you don’t care to lose your voice, you can indulge in that. Better die than give in, I won’t say much, never look up for your manna from them!

5. Scarcity is invaluable!

A social function is at hand and you are already thinking how to help them arrange chairs and kill the cow. Can you also help them wash plates after the program?
Have your envelope ready, make it as fat as your pocket can, attend the gathering and leave!

6. Respect and nobility will save you a lot!

No matter how rich you may be, always prostrate whenever visiting them even if they are not worth any of your respect. Don’t be quick to anger, keep quiet when they talk; these are the measures your parents-in-law will use to either defend/destroy you whenever their child reports you to them! This value will win wars for you in absentia..trust me!

7. Occasionally send gifts

Once in a blue moon, never fail to send wine to your papa-in-law, also send money/gift to mama-in-law, do these and see them blush at the sight of you! It doesn’t matter if the wine is N50, it’s a conviction you had a little left for them having taken good care of their daughter.


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