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My Pregnant Girlfriend Wants Abortion. How Do I Convince Her To Keep It?

Its not yet confirmed but we are suspecting pregnancy. I am 28yrs of age and my girl is 22years. We started dating not too long. We made love sometime last month and she missed her perioed. We used strip and it shows she is pregnant. We will go for a proper test today to confirm. Now here are the issues disturbing me:

A: She wants abortion but I don’t want that: she’s a student, hence keeping it will be complicated for her.

B: I have been thinking of ways to convince her but she’s adamant, abortion is the best for her. Please more ideas for me on how to convince her. And if I successfully convince her to keep the pregnancy, how do we go about this?

C: Both of us come from a very strick family.

D: I am still thinking of how to report myself to her family. I could end up in police station tho. Do I go straight to see her parents (suicidal), do I go tell their pastor so we could find a way to break it to her parents. Do I go tro her parents siblings?

What is just the best way to report myself?

I need your advice’s urgently please, coz we are doing the test this afternoon.


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