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Nigerian Man Deported From India After Giving 17yrs old Boy Cocaine to Smuggle

The Indian Authorities on Saturday Deported a Nigerian National named Idoko Fablan Ojigichi after his bid to smuggle cocaine to Singapore was foiled by a courier firm in Kondhwa on June 26, Times of India reports.

Idoko was in the city on a business visa. He had given the parcel containing drugs to a 17-year-old and asked him to dispatch it to Singapore via a courier firm.

When the boy took the parcel to the courier firm at Jyoti Chowk, the manager got suspicious.

“The parcel contained an old pair of shoes which seemed to cost around Rs1,000, but sending it to Singapore would cost Rs6,000,” a police official said. .

The manager alerted the police and on further inspection, a small packet was found concealed inside the shoes. A kit used to test narcotics confirmed that the packet contained cocaine. .

During questioning, the minor told the police that Idoko gave him the parcel.

Police searched Idoko’s residence and his passport was recovered. .

Investigations revealed that he was residing in India for the last six years and is an active member of an organized crime syndicate involved in drug peddling.


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