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Photos: Collision At least 21 containers fell into the sea after two ships collided at the Karachi Port (Pakistan) on Monday.

Collision At least 21 containers fell into the sea after two ships collided at the Karachi port (Pakistan) on Monday.

The vessel ‘Tolten’ belonging to Hapag Lloyd carrying transit-containers collided with the other stationary vessel in the process of being given the alongside SAPT berth No 4, resulting in damage to the berth and the ship.

The incident took place between 2.30pm and 3pm when the ship was being mastered by a Karachi Port Trust (KPT) pilot for giving the alongside berth. As a result of the incident, around 19 containers on board the ship fell into the sea.

The sources said that initial investigation has revealed that the pilots of Karachi Port Trust (KPT), who took charge of the vessels, are responsible for this incident. The KPT’s pilots know deep sea routes and they tug the ships to the port. The sources further claimed that the containers are floating toward the channels made for breaking heavy waves and could possibly damage them if a proper action for removing the containers is not taken on time.

The authorities claimed that they have started an operation to remove the containers in the sea and after clearing the route of ships, the port would be reopened. In the meanwhile, an investigation into the collision has also started.

KPT officials said that their investigation team is trying to find out the reason for the accident and will submit a report after their return from the site of the collision.

The sources also informed this scribe that a similar incident had taken place two months ago because of a KPT pilot’s negligence, however, it was not reported to the media since it wasn’t as dangerous as this one.



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