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Photos: Top 5 New Cars That Are Uglier Than Their Older Models.

One would ordinarily anticipate that newer cars will be more excellent as far as designs than their past models yet for a few cars, the reverse is the situation. Some latest models of cars deserve an honor for “ugliest auto of the year”. The older models appeared to have better structures and I ask why they just couldn’t improve on the designs as opposed to releasing revolting cars on us. In this post TechCapon will give us a breakdown of best new autos that are uglier than their much older models. This rundown is accumulated dependent on cars prevalent on the streets as there are other monstrous cars out there that are not on our rundown.

5. Ugly cars: Honda Accord

Honda Accord is one car whose most recent design did not get my attention by any stretch of the imagination. The older models are no doubt more lovely than the new model by a wide edge. The enormous grill at the front and, the tiny headlamp and the general design looks abnormal yet a Honda fan may even think that its lovely.

4. Ugly cars: Hyundai Elantra

Taking a look at the two models of the Hyundai Elantra you can tell that something isn’t right with the most recent model as far as design is concerned. The older models have a bolder, curvier plan and looks more attractive to the eye than the new model. The most recent model has a straight look both front and back and does not have the provocative look of the old model. I earnestly trust Hyundai enhances the design of future models of the Elantra considering the way this is one of the most selling models in the Hyundai car line-up.

3. Ugly cars: Kia Sportage

Mehn, I don’t know who planned this ugly car in light of the fact that Kia Motor organization has one of the best designers in the auto business, Peter Shreyer. I sincerely would prefer not to believe he has anything to do with this structure of the most recent Kia Sportage. The older model looks all the more engaging and more wonderful. The front headlamps of the new model looks like frog eyes. This new model looks wiped out and dull and this may be the reason the car I not doing too well in the market nowadays.

2. Ugly cars: Toyota Camry

It would appear that Toyota Camry continues getting uglier with each new model being discharged. The whole front of camry is covered with a big grill nobody needs. While the inside appears to have enhanced, the outside appears to have dwindled. The body appears to have contracted inside contrasted with the newer models. Truly, if they can’t come up with a superior design they should simply bring back the old camry design. #BringBackOurCamry

1. Ugly cars: Infinity QX80

Infiniti has dependably pride themselves of being a luxury brand and the way that they thought of this ugly car either intentionally or unintentionally makes me put them on the top spot on my list. This new model is terribly contrasted with the older 2009 model no doubt. It is terrible. Infiniti ought to have improved the designed being an luxury designed however since the car is already here, there’s nothing we can do about it. I incline toward the looks on the older QX80 than the latest one.


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