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Popular Actor, John Dumelo Shows Off His Farm, Reveals His Love For Agriculture (Photos)

John Dumelo, one of the most famous names in the Ghanaian movie industry, has shown off his farm on his Instagram page.

The actor who has had several years of experience in the film industry, has now revealed that he has become a farmer who has deep passion for agriculture and who is fueling this new passion of his.

According to him agriculture is the only way forward.

Talking about his farm on Instagram, he wrote: “I have a passion for agriculture and I’m fueling it. We all have to invest in agriculture, thats the only way forward.

“West Africa needs to produce at least 30 Agro-millionaires in the next 10 years. It is possible! It can be done!

“Think big, Start small. All hands on deck! #farmer #agriculture #yeswecan #imready”

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