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Rich South African Man Shows Up For Date In A Truck, Lady Turns Him Down

A rich South African man has taken to Facebook to narrate on how most ladies turn him down after showing up for dates in his truck rather than his expensive luxurious cars.

According to the man identified as Karabo John Moa, it has happened on three different occasions and it is just to show the materialistic nature of most women who will prefer you present yourself as a classic well-to-do individual.

He wrote:

Just Got Back From the Shortest Date I’ve Ever Been On
These Materialistic Ladies
They see you in a Merc
1st Date,I Go Pick Her up in one of My Bakkies instead of my Merc
I’ve Done it 3 Times now and all 3 times,Soon as I pull up at the gate,They Turn Around and Walk Away.
She Says to me “You Don’t Take me Seriously ne ” The Security Guard at her Complex Gate and I had a Good Laugh …
All Three Occasions I probably would’ve paid the Bill,So I actually Saved money
I Ain’t Saying She a Gold Digger but she ain’t messing with no Broke Niggas

A friend of his was even quick to point out that the truck is cleaner than most other guys’ cars:

Lol yaz I don’t get where the problem is… yi truck that’s clean and the guy is clean, these woman would rather see a man that cant even make ends meet ngama vrrrpha than respect a nigga that hustles…

Whats wrong with dressing up and getting on a truck! Do you even know where he’s taking you? Y’all dress up to get on mercs only to end up at some carwash/shisa nyama mos and not even complain! Basile abafazi nje


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