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Seven ( 7) Features of WhatsApp You Must Know In 2018

WhatsApp has the number of users more than 1.2 billion. So users loyal and not move to another heart, an instant messaging app belongs to Facebook is also very diligent in launching the new features.
However, the new features of WhatsApp 2018 are not necessarily we’ve to maximize. For the following we have summarized, a collection of new features WhatsApp 2018.

1. Drag the Message To You that Often the Wrong Type or Wrong Send Message

7 Features of WhatsApp 2018 that You May Not Know
For those of You who often ‘typo‘ (a typo) or like the one sends a message can now breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks to the features of the new WhatsApp “Deleting message for everyone,“ You can pull back and remove the messages that have been sent already to the WhatsApp group or individual.
However, You can only draw a message in a maximum time of 7 minutes. More than that, the message You send to your WhatsApp cannot be removed. The following natural steps new message on WhatsApp 2018.
  • Select the message that You want to appeal, either in group or individual.
  • Then hold or press the message and click the option delete or select the trash can icon.
  • Select “Delete for Me” to chat an individual, or a “Delete for Everyone” to chat in a group.
  • Messages that You have pull still leaves description “this message was deleted,“ but no longer can see the contents.

2. Monitor Your Friend’s Travel In Real-time

7 Features of WhatsApp 2018
You often got a job in the field or frequently meeting with clients outside the office. New feature WhatsApp 2018 “Live Location” is certainly very useful, because You can share a location simultaneously monitor the journey of Your friends in real-time.
How to share your location quite easily, open the chat friend or to a group, then press options Location and select “Share Live Location.“ You can control who can track Your location and set how long time, ranging from 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.

3. Formatting Text

7 Features of WhatsApp 2018
For those of You who often send broadcast messages, the feature of formatting text or customize the format of the font in WhatsApp is certainly very useful to make the message more professional or attractive. The reason is, You can use text formatting such as bold (bold), italic (italic), the text of which is crossed out (strikethrough), and monospace.
To make the text in WhatsApp messages to be bold, add an asterisk (*) in front of and behind the desired text, e.g., *to*. For Italic (italic), add an underscore (_). Then, for the text in WhatsApp messages have the streaks, add a tilde (~), and to add a sign (“`text“`).

4. Send The Photo Without Reducing The Quality

7 Features of WhatsApp 2018 that You May Not Know
Now You can send almost any format of the file on WhatsApp 2018 New Version. You can also send the full resolution photo to WhatsApp without reducing the quality.
The way You have to send it through the attachment document, these steps. Open WhatsApp and click the logo attachment, select the Document.
Then, select the photo You want to send.

5. Pin Chat

How many incoming messages every day in Your WhatsApp? It feels quite troublesome if have to explore the important chat one by one.
The solution is easy, the pin just chats important You in WhatsApp. So, it can be more efficient and time-saving in using WhatsApp.

6. Change the Video So GIF

Features of WhatsApp 2018
Recent GIF image is indeed more popular on social media. You can make the GIF from video easily on WhatsApp. How You want to send a video, set the right moment, and then click GIF format.

7. Make a Status in WhatsApp

Now You can share the story with more interesting in WhatsApp. Almost similar to Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Stories. You can share the story through pictures or videos seasoned with the effects of interesting.
That’s some of the features of WhatsApp which was released the year 2018 and will be useful for everyday use. Some of the features at the top of the can so You have to use, but if there are not You know, You could start to give it a try.

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