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Video: Prostitute Runs Out Of Room In Osun Over Violent Sex By Her Client

There was drama, last night, in Ilesha, Osun State, after a commercial sex worker fled for dear life due to the violent way her client handled her in bed, after promising to pay N5k for her service.

In a video posted online, the lady, who ran out of the room, can be heard saying: “I swear to God nothing is wrong with me. We don’t know each other from Adam. He just saw me by the road side and picked me.

But the way he had s*x with me ruthlessly, in fact I couldn’t take it any longer. Is it because I’m into prostitution that you slept with me violently?

What happened? Just because of N5k, I’ll now kill myself. I’m not insane now. If you had slept with me normally, I wouldn’t have run out like that. What happened? Haha.”


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