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Who Is Abdul Shareef? | Biography | Profile| History Of Kannywood actor, Abdul M Shareef

Abdul M Shareef is a Nigerian actor of Kannywood (Mostly Hausa movies, a part of Nigerian movie industry).Abdul M Shareef was born on December 10, 1984).

The Prominent Kannywood actor, Abdul Shareef, dumped music to embrace acting.

The actor, whose brother, Umar Shareef, is a popular Kannywood singer, said his foray into acting was by sheer providence.

“I have always loved film making and acting. I worked my way into the Kannywood film industry in 2012 without my brother’s influence. Many people thought I would become a famous singer like my brother. I am not under any compulsion to become a musician. Although I had a stint in music, acting remains my first love.”

Hassana Dalhat, a Kannywood film promoter also spoke highly of Abdul in an interview sometimes ago. He said, “When Abdul Shareef featured in his first movie five years ago it was a shocker for many of us. We all thought Abdul would become a musician like his brother, but he has proven that he is a born actor.”

The 34-year-old actor also opened up about his acting career. “I have been working as a crew member, screenwriter and a movie producer before I became an actor. My dream is to work hard and be counted among the best actors in Kannywood. Acting was tasking at first but I am now used to it. I have starred in many hit movies but my all-time favourite is Jinin Jiki na.”

Abdul Shareef  is married with three kids has also written and produced several Kannywood hit movies.


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