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Who Is Abraham Badru? | Member House of Representatives Hon Dolapo Badru only son Abraham Badru shot dead in England.

Meet The Late son of a Lagos State House of Representative member, Abraham Badru who was shot dead by unknown assailant at his family home in Uk.

The Twenty-six-year-old Abraham, who worked as a football coach after his master’s degree at the University of Gloucestershire,  United Kingdom, was shot dead in Hackney, London, around 11pm on Sunday.


Hackney Gazette reported that the victim was “found fatally injured near his mother’s house on Ferncliff Road.”

Abraham, who was the 10th person to be killed in London within two weeks, had recently been honoured with a bravery award by the police after saving a sex attack victim.

His father, Dolapo, told Evening Standard that he (Abraham) fought off the lady’s assailants, testified against them in court and assisted in their convictions.

The victim’s neighbours said he was shot while getting out of his car.

The 26-year-old is the son of Dolapo Badru, a 62-year-old, a member representing the Lagos Island.

The younger Badru worked as a football coach after earning his Masters degree in 2015, he was found dead on the pavement by police who received reports of a loud gunshot.

The Evening Standard reported that he was pronounced dead a short time later. His mother, who had rushed to his side, was seen by witnesses collapsed in tears on the pavement.

Badru death comes as the latest in round of bloodshed in the England capital, where eight people have died in just seven days.

He had been given a police bravery award as a teenager for saving a woman from a sex attack, was gunned down in the street in Dalston, Hackney, just after 11pm on Sunday.

His father Dolapo Badru, told the Standard that his “quiet and hard-working” son once saved a young woman from rape on the estate and later gave evidence which led to her attacker being jailed.

 He said: “A few years ago a girl was raped on the estate and Abraham fought them off. He went to court to testify against them and the police gave him an award.”

Friends paid tribute to Mr Badru as a “bubbly and outgoing” young man who was “making a life for himself” after completing his studies.

Report said he had a fiancee in Nigeria and had volunteered with the Team Nigeria UK football coaching charity, and had been due to coach at an open trial in Charlton today.

A volunteer said: “He’s such a wonderful guy full of life and very hard-working.”

He had previously worked with Bristol council as a sport development officer, according to his LinkedIn profile and had interned at non-league Gloucester City FC during his degree studies at the University of Gloucestershire


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