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Who Is Austin Faani Ikechukwu ? Meet Cha Cha Eke Faani’s Husband Austin Faani Ikechukwu

Austin Faani Ikechukwu is said to be from Anambra State. There are also reports he is partly from Delta State (or he lives there). He is the lucky husband of beautiful and talented #Nollywood actress ChaCha Eke. They held their African wedding in Delta state. Meanwhile, their traditional wedding was held at Charity Eke’s hometown in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. Life just got better and more fulfilling” Cha Cha Eke Faani who said in the interview that she met her husband Nollywood Director Austin Faani on the set of Amaco’s WHEN KINGS DECIDE in 2009 also stated that against the current mindset of other actresses about marrying their colleagues, “…getting married to a man who works in the same field and career as myself is such a relief and a blessing. Actresses are misread and misjudged a lot. Most times it’s only we in the industry that understand one another and my husband has known me from scratch and watched me grow and seen me in my entirety; nothing about me is strange to him. i have seen him at his best and average moments too.
The movie couple director Austin Faani and actress Cha Cha Eke got married on the 1st of June, 2013 And took delivery of their first daughter on 19th of September 2013. Austin Faani & Nollywood actress, Charity ‘Chacha’ Eke, tied the knot on Saturday June 1 in Asaba, Delta State. The superstar actress Charity Eke said “a successful marriage is one which is dedicated to God and it can never crash. We have made God the Head of our Home. My hubby is my best friend and our love for each other is unquestionable. Here’s wishing Austin Faani Ikechukwu & Wife ( Charity) a happy 4th wedding anniversary today, 1st 0f June 2017.


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