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Who Is Chinese Nicky? | Biography | Profile| History Of American Actress Chinese Nicky Real Name Nikhol Hing

Meet Nikhol Hing, Real Name Chinese Nicky. She’s an entrepreneur making a name for herself in the fashion industry all while parenting eight beautiful children.

According to her website, at a very young age Nicky was brought to the U.S. from Guyana, born to a Chinese-South American father…

Me and my old man #daddysgirl #gt

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At age 14 she became pregnant with her first child, however her bundle of joy did not deter her from earning her high school diploma and enrolling in college. Ultimately, she took a break from the books to make some coin, holding various jobs as a Budweiser girl, a cocktail waitress, and interestingly a ring girl in Vegas and Atlantic City. Those days are behind her because this hustler has since finished college, earning a degree in fashion design and merchandising at F.I.T. to later launch her own successful clothing line The Nikhol Hing Collection. Her store, Klothh is located in South Beach.

A photo of Nicky pregnant with her youngest son.
She is a wife whose husband apparently co-owns several hot spots in Miami including the famed King of Diamonds. With her three children, his four, and their youngest child together, Nicky and her family make the Brady Bunch look lazy as hell. Her daughter, Taylor is also booked and busy just like her momma.


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