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Who Is Chioma Omeruah Aka Chigul?| Biography| Profile| History Of Nollywood Actress Chigul Real Name Chioma Omeruah

Meet Nigerian comedian who is known for her accents and comedic characters Chioma Omeruah Aka Chigul.

Chioma Omeruah was born in Lagos to Igbo parents, but moved away whilst still a baby.

She was the second of four children of Air Commodore Samson Omeruah

She attended two Air Force secondary schools one in Jos and latterly in Ibeja, Lagos. She briefly attended a university in Nigeria before she left to study, at her father’s request, Criminal Justice in America. This was not a success so she left after two years to study French Education at Delaware State University. Omeruah is a linguist and speaks a number of languages. She returned to Nigeria after twelve years in America.

She initially became a singer under the name C-Flow but this has been subsumed by her characters – principal of which is Chigul. Chigul speaks in a strong Igbo accent. Chigul was first heard as a recording of the song “Kilode” sent by Omeruah to her friends but the sound was soon re-sent around Nigeria.

Omeruah has twelve characters but she is known as “Chigul” after her most well-known invention. She has been interviewed and lauded by a number of media outlets. She had given a TEDx talk and appeared as a character in the Nollywood film, Road to Yesterday.

In 2015 she appeared as a guest on the single “Karishika” by Falz.

Chigul has been married but this ended with no joint children.


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