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Who Is Christy Glo ? | Meet Pretty Nigerian Woman Christy Glo Blasted For Faking Her Own Death On Social Media

Nigerians on social media have come for the head of a young woman who reportedly faked her own death.

A Nigerian woman by name Christy Glo has been lambasted on social media after she pulled off an unbelievable stunt by making her friends on social media believe that she had committed suicide.

Glo had taken to Facebook to alert her friends that she was about committing suicide over an unknown incident. She actually put up a live video saying she was waiting for her daughter to come back home before she goes ahead with the suicide. But, lo and behold she later made another post the following day to say that she actually put up the suicide video to gauge people’s reaction and know those that truly care for her.

Following the shocking news, her friends took to Facebook to blast her for such an expensive joke. They asked her to go for psychological evaluation as what is happening to her is not normal.

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