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Who Is Clara Benson? | Biography Of Clara Benson | Profile Of Clara Benson| History Of Clara Benson| Meet Ghanaian actress Clara Benson aka Maame Serwaa

Meet Ghanaian actress Clara Benson aka Maame Serwaa. Maame Serwaa was born in August 19, 2000.Maame Serwaa is ranked the 2nd richest Child actress and of course the 5th richest Kumawood actress. Maame Serwaa started her acting career at age 6 and has never looked back.

Completing Senior High School may not seem like much but if you are young Kumawood actress, Clara Benson (alias Maame Serwaa), it must be done with a bang! After completing her exams as a student of Serwaa Nyarko Girls’ Senior High School in Kumasi, her colleagues sprung a surprise on her!

She stated that she will encourage girl-child education in Ghana to engender women empowerment. According to her, girl-child education was one of her priorities and she was going to support female students who excel in JHS and SHS to further their education.


She observed that a lot of parents did not encourage their female children to have formal education, a factor that led to teenage. She made it known that she will begun a tour for schools and municipalities to advise parents to support and invest in their girls and also to debunk the notion that girls were only good for the kitchen.


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