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Who Is Dayo Isreal? | Biography/Profile/History Of 2017 Lagos Mainland Chairman Aspirant Dayo Isreal

Dayo Israel (LLB (Hons), MA International Relations) is an astute motivational speaker and advisor to many world leaders, business executive, politicians, young entrepreneur and sports professionals.

He is also an internationally recognized personality with over 12years of professional experience in international development having worked with organisations such as The United Nations, British Council, Save the Children UK, UNICEF, in various capacities and has appeared on countless television interviews, commercials, talk shows, radio programs, and was even selected by the United Nations to represent all the young delegates to the UN General Assembly Special Session on Children on a special CNN Live Interview.

Recently, He was specially invited by Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh to a private reception at Buckingham palace.
He is one of the Africa’s leading authorities on Social Enterprise and Youth Development. He co-launched the UNICEF State of the World Children’s Report in 2003 alongside Carol Bellamy and Oscar Award Winner – Vanessa Redgrave CBE.
In addition to being a Social Entrepreneur, in demand Evangelist, TV Personality, Motivational Speaker, Diplomat, Youth Advocate, Facilitator, and High Performance Coach; He has served in various capacities globally including in the Nigerian Government and the United Nations. Dayo has exceptionally trail blazed and set the pace for many other young people in His generation. The first African to become a Student Council Chair in London’s Largest University and a recipient of so many International Awards which includes the British Red Cross Humanitarian Citizen Award, PEWA (Person Earnestly Working for Africa) Award, GAB Award, Icon Awards, Icon of Hope Award, Young Achievers Award and many more. He is also a 3 time Finalist for various categories of The Future Nigeria Award – including the Young Person of the Year Award.

He is the Founder/Chief Executive of many profit and not-for-profit organisations in Europe, North America and Africa which includes Make Impact International, GLEEHD Foundation for Leadership and International Development, Make Impact Group (MI Intl, MI Enterprise, MI Media, MI Publication, Impact Productions, Impact Investments and more).Chairmanship Aspirant Dayo Israel trains Lagos Mainlanders in Vocational Skills .

He is also a spokesperson for Young Nigerians and Africans in Diaspora in His capacity as Chief Executive of the Africa Diaspora Youth Forum and Coordinator of Nigerian Youth in Diaspora Organisation.
He also currently serves as a British Red Cross Humanitarian Citizen Ambassador, Young General Assembly (YGA) Special Representative to United Nations Meetings, Youth for Transparency International (YTI) Special Representative to the United Nations and Language Ambassador for the National Center for Languages.
After losing his Dad at age 11, Dayo was raised by a single mum in the slum of Lagos Mainland, helping his mother in her daily business hawking shoes and African wears to enable them feed the family and have a livelihood. However during those days, Dayo’s dream kept pushing him forward. He started the only Child led NGO in Nigeria at that time – General Action against the Violation of Human and Children’s Rights – an organisation which spearheaded the campaign for the promotion of children’s rights in Nigeria. As a result of which He was elected into the Nigerian Children’s Parliament at the age of 14 and rose to the position of the Deputy Senate President of the National Children’s Parliament until His retirement.
He also pioneered a lot of advocacy towards the enactment of the Child Rights Act in Nigeria and the development of the Juvenile Justice Framework in the Country. At 16, He was appointed the Chairman of the Presidential Summit of Nigerian Children alongside leading the Nigerian Children delegation to the United Nations Special Session on Children in New York where He was featured live on CNN and Nickelodeon with Carol Bellamy, the then UNICEF Executive Director. In 2004, at the age of 18, Dayo and His Team of other Young People single handed hosted the Annual Young General Assembly Annual Session in Nigeria with about 200 Young People in attendance from all over the World.
Dayo has been involved in High Level International advocacy that have earned him enormous International accolades. He co-chaired the only children side event at the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa, alongside chairing the World Media Briefing at the UN Children World Water Forum in Japan. In the recent years, He has continued to chair various side events at the UN DPI/NGO Conference. A founding member of the British Council connecting future forum.

He attracts a lot of “positive” media attentions and has featured on CNN Q and A Live, Daystar Christian Broadcasting Network, Nickelodeon, BBC Network Africa, Ben Television, OBE TV, BBC World Service, NTA Newsline, and T.V Africa. He produces and presents Maximum Impact with Dayo Israel on Dove Vision TV. He has made headlines on various national newspapers such as Swazi Today, The Comet newspaper, The Punch newspaper, Tribune newspaper and The Nigerian Guardian.


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