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Who Is Jasmine Tridevil? |Biography|Profile|History| Meet Jasmine Tridevil, The Woman With Triple Breasts

Jasmine Tridevil makes history as the first woman to have three breasts.
Jasmine Tridevil, a 21-one-year old lady from Florida-USA, who doubles as a massage therapist, has shown that there is nothing impossible in this life, as long as you have the determination to achieve your dreams.

Her long term dream from the age of 13, has been to have three breasts, instead of the two God gave to her and with determination, patients and lots of money to the tune of $20,000 and a night of sex to boot, she got her wish delivered to her on the platter of surgery.

Here comes the woman with three breasts! Jasmine Tridevil spent a lot of money on plastic surgery just to have a breast transplant which has made her the first woman alive to have three boobs.

According to UK Mirror Newspaper, she talked to 50 plastic surgeons and finally found one in Mexico who would do it.

Just to add to her success of having a third breast, she has now landed for herself a reality show called My Third Boob. The show will center around her daily life as a woman with three boobs. Will men date her? How will she be treated on the streets? Will she be able to make it as a three-boobed stripper (her dream job)?

But Jasmine has explained why she got a third boob:

I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men. Because I don’t want to date anymore. Men are big assholes.

She says the third breast feels just like her other two – except the nipple which has been tattooed on.

The third breast was made from a silicone implant and skin tissue from her abdomen. She also admits her parents were horrified by the result and have since stopped talking to her.


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