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Who Is Makafui Fella?| Biography | Profile| History Of Ghanian Actress Makafui Fella AKA Serwaa In YOLO Tv Series

Fella Makafui is one of the fastest rising actresses in Ghana today. The beautiful actress, who hit the limelight after being cast as Serwaa in the hit TV series YOLO, has released some amazing pictures of herself.

Makafui plays Serwaa, a bread seller in popular Television series YOLO, created by Ivan Quarshigah, same person behind Television Series Things We Do For Love’ which was popular in the late 90s and early 2000s.

She won Most Promising Actress at the 2016 Golden Movie Awards and 2016 City People Entertainment Awards.

Makafui also owns an ushering agency.


Makafui Fela as Serwah yolo cast
Makafui Fela as Serwah

Serwaa, born as Makafui Dela, takes on the role as this naive, unsuspecting, poor and to an extent, considered by some as the ‘foolish’ girl.

Taking on the role of this sort, in a way can be intimidating. In fact, it was for Serwaa initially, as she relates. Although she got excited to join hands with celebs like Jackie and Majid in promoting the YOLO movement, she adds:

“But then, I was so disappointed that, me playing the role of Serwaa, the “Village Girl”, I’m like, why won’t I play a glamourous lady who’s gonna put on some makeup, wear Brazillian hair, you know, in that bodycon dress.

“But then, when I went deep into the script, I read the script, I was just like, this is so me, because casting my mind back, I used to sell bread for my mum in the village. I just said I could relate to Serwaa’s issues very well to help educate other ones who find themselves in Serwah’s situation.”

In reality, although Serwaa’s behavior might be a bit exaggerated in the show, many young ladies end up in a similar situation and stand the chance of learning a lot from her.

It is easy to sit behind the TV as a young girl and call Serwaa’s character as a fool, however, it is equally easy to find many young girls ending up as Serwaa.

How many bad boys has lured her into having sex with them? The last attempt got her in a bad state, health-wise, as she got drugged yet sent to go buy a condom only to be rescued by onlookers after she succumbed to whatever she was drugged with.

Serwaa’s standard of living, when plotted on a graph along with that of Emily, we’re probably looking at a vertical line joining the two points on a cartesian plane.

She’s the poor girl who came from the village to make a living in the big city by selling bread during the day. Unfortunately, she ends up as the escaped goat in the hands of young boys like Drogba, who twist and turn her as they wish, “abusing her innocence”, as Serwah puts it.

Serwaa is so naive she still believes Drogba loves him. The fact that the character considers Drogba to be a caring boy completes her missing in the show – play the role of a dumb girl.

The connection between Serwaa and the mother (Jemima Danso) also paints valuable lessons to be considered by parents of today. Makafui nails it nicely on the issue of parent-child relationship, indicating the importance of tightening up such a bond.

This goes a long way to allowing kids, the youth, and adolescents to open to the parents and share with them the problems they face daily in their neighborhood and or at school.

We see from YOLO how Serwaa’s mother goes all out on her daughter for making bad decisions. Parents sometimes become too strict (Enyonam, looking at you) on their wards so they end up finding it difficult to open up to them.



On 18th JUNE, 2018 Very angry boyfriend of a fast-rising Ghanaian actress, Fella Makafui has closed down the wine shop he opened for her following claims she’s no longer faithful to him and has completely changed since she found fame.

Fella Makafui’s rich boyfriend who she has dated for close to 5-years rented the wine shop located at East Legon as well as her current three bedroom apartment. Here are photos of Fella Makafui’s wine shop being closed down.

But in recent times, the man who has plans of marrying her in the near future claims she is cheating on him and her attitude has completely changed since she found fame.

“This is the fourth apartment the same guy has rented for her. What got him even furious is that recently, he saw a four-wheel drive in the house and when he asked of the owner, Fella gave him a cheeky response and so he decided to end everything and that is why he is shutting the shop, which he rented for her,” the source narrated.



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