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Who Is Makhosini Nhlelozikathixo Maseko aka baby makhosini? | Biography | Profile| History Of South African Two (2) Year Old toddler Makhosini Nhlelozikathixo Maseko aka Baby Makhosini Who Is Now An Internet Celeb

Meet Durban’s Sithelo Shozi with Two Year old toddler Makhosini, who has become an internet celeb.

Makhosini, may be only 18 months old, but Durban toddler Makhosini, aka baby_makhosini in the cybersphere, has fast become a social media phenomenon and popular influencer.
His mother, Sithelo Shozi, who is also ranked as an influencer when it comes to fashion on social media. “Makhosini loves the camera and knows all the angles”.
Shozi, who grew up in Umkomaas but now lives in Durban, is a final-year student in political science.
She said Makhosini’s popularity on social media platforms Twitter and Instagram had soared in the past few months and he was setting the pace in the world of toddler trendsetters in South Africa.
He garnered 38000 followers on Instagram.
Baby Makhosi. Picture”Supplied.

At just two years old, Makhosini Shozi is already making waves in the fashion industry.

He was introduced to the fashion world by his mom, Sithelo Shozi, who would post pictures of him on social media in cute outfits.

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