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Who Is Malvis Ann Mohvu? | Biography| Profile| History Of Cameroonian Actress Chuyum Malvisann Mohvu

Meet The Alluring , eloquent,  dependable and creative Cameroonian Actress , Malvis-Ann Mohvu.

Malvis-Ann Mohvu is a stunning personality whose theatrical savvy  and strong potential as a video vixen caught Nexdim’s attention.

She keeps fine-tuning her craft with absolute penchant and determination to journey to greater horizons. She recently starred in Bluerain’s blockbuster movie and equally done corporate commercials and videos.

Her goddess-like beauty is definitely a superlative compliment you can’t take away from her.

Excerpt From Her Interview with 237Exclusive in 2016 Below:

Good day pretty lady, please do introduce yourself properly?

Hello, I am Chuyum Malvisann Mohvu a Cameroonian actress, originally from the North West region of Cameroon

When did you start acting and what are some of the projects you’ve worked on since then?
I started acting way back in secondary school but before that I was always actively involved in plays at school and at church.My big debut in my acting career came in 2014, after being recommend by a friend of mine at that time by name Soli Egbe.. In the RUMBLE TV series currently airing on national television (CRTV) by Mr BillyBob Ndive Lifongo. I have also had the opportunity of working with Mr Ivan Namme in his recent movie “Barefoot on broken bottles.The future is so bright I can’t wait to share with you what we are working on next…
What were your worst and your Best moments on set?
My worst moment is usually when the old actors or pro’s try to belittle new actors or try to make them feel less of who they are . I think it’s really not necessary. If you really want to show that you know too much teach them or correct them when they go wrong instead of making silly side comments.
My best moment will definitely be on set  when I interpreted a role perfectly and after the director called cut and everyone was clapping and hugging me lol. I felt some sort of validation as an actress…
What are some of the challenges that come with being an actress?
The challenges that come with being an actress are major and sometimes unrealistic.. For some reason people start placing rules on how you should behave, the kind of people you should hang out with, and most of all the fact that almost everyone thinks that actresses are sluts lolllllll. Listen not all actresses are sluts in fact I don’t think any actress is a slut at all but I can understand from the point of view of the observer that,as stars people will always want to know more about you, who your best friend is, where you are from, how you make your money as well as who you are dating.  Most of us know that breakups occur in our personal lives as well as the lives of these stars.
You don’t exactly expect them to not move on; do you?… SO don’t call them(us) sluts just because they experience break ups and decide to move on just like any other human being.
What’s your favourite colour?
My favorite color is black.
What are you inspirations in life?
My inspiration in life comes from basically the commonest things. For example babies, love, friends,experiences, stories, IMAGINATION
How do you manage to smile almost all the time? Like you’ll literally never see her without a smile on!
The smiles? Lolllllll 😂😂😂 …. I guess it’s my nature, I am a veryyyyy positive person sometimes too positive lol. I like being happy and making others happy. some people smile when they see you smiling. See ehh  sometime when I am crying and someone makes a joke? Lolllllll 😂😂 I swear I still be laughing with tears in my eyes lol so weird… Lollll chei…answer the tin don pass me… plus I think I got it from my my mom she is just a very kind and gentle soul she is always positive and loving.. I swear she is just an angel…
 malvis 3
What advice will you give every aspiring or up and coming actress or actor out there and in general young girls?
Dear up and coming actors and actresses take this from your own sister.  It is not going to be easy making it to the top but one thing is certain you will if you work hard and of course pray hard. Do not forget that every one has their top to which they will get. I don’t know if you understand me but what I am trying to say is that when you start making it in the industry you should not get scared when another person starts shinning. I don’t want you to blaspheme others just because you don’t want them to get to your level or grow. Stop unnecessary competitions that lead you into uncomfortable situations. I don’t want you to cut of friendships because all of a sudden you think you are wayyyyyyy better to mix with your old friends. There will be some situations that you won’t know what to do. That is the exact moment at which you should ask God for directions. There is no way that you won’t slay when God is the one giving you directions!
Thanks for having us the sky is your spring board. Remain blessed and have a lovely day keep slaying

Thank you soooo much for having me….. Until next time… Stay blessed,

                                                                                     Xoxo Malvisann Mohvu

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