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Who Is Miss Pepeye?| Biography| Profile| History Of Nollywood actress, Bolatito Sowunmi Aka Papa Ajasco’s Former Miss Pepeye

Meet Nollywood actress, Bolatito Sowunmi who is famous for her role as Miss Pepeye in Wale Adenuga’s foremost comedy “Papa Ajasco”.


She sometimes ago sat with Broadway TV in an exclusive interview to talk about her journey so far, what next and her exit from the famous TV show.

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The actress shared that she belongs in Nollywood despite having not done so many movies in the past few years. On relationships, Miss Pepeye revealed that she can’t date a man who is not good in bed.

Bolatito Sowunmi Aka Papa Ajasco’s Former Miss Pepeye lamented that most men feel that she is promiscuous because of her role as Miss Pepeye in the TV series.

She said, “While acting as Miss Pepeye, it was fun and children loved me; you know the series is a family programme.

But for the adults, because Miss Pepeye’s character was a lady who liked money and other attractive things, they think Bolatito is promiscuous in real life. They forget that I was only interpreting a script and they should not treat me based on what they saw on the television.


The two characters are opposite. I am very reserved. I am an introvert, while Miss Pepeye was a lousy person.”

Speaking further, she said, “I am still attached to Miss Pepeye’s character because the change is recent. One shouldn’t expect Nigerians to forget those memories in a hurry. However, since I had dropped the role for a long time, I felt I should go for other opportunities and challenges. I was in my 20s when I started acting as Miss Pepeye and I am now in my 30s.”

Sowunmi explained that Wale Adenuga Productions didn’t take offence when she told them about her decision to call it quits. “Wale Adenuga Productions is a family platform and they have produced many stars. They respected my decision to leave and I was celebrated,” she said.

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