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Who Is Olufunmilayo Adesanya-Davies? | Biography| Profile | History | Meet Nigeria’s Female 2019 Presidential Aspirant Professor Olufunmilayo Adesanya-Davies

Meet Nigeria’s 2019 Presidential Aspirant Professor Olufunmilayo Adesanya-Davies.

Professor Olufunmilayo Adesanya-Davies was Born (October, 1962) in Ira, Kwara State. Professor Olufunmilayo Adesanya-Davies is an Educationist, Linguist, Poet and Communications expert. 

She attended St Clare’s Grammar School, Offa and Queen Elizabeth Secondary school in Ilorin, Kwara State.

Professor Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies graduated from the University of Ife(Now Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile-Ife) with a combined B.A Honours in English and Yoruba (1985).

Furthering her studies she obtained a Master’s degree in English Language from the University of ilorin,Kwara State (1987). 

Her Doctorate Degree was in Linguistics and Communications at the University of Port Harcourt(2003).

As the second female Presidential aspirant for the 2019 general elections, Professor Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies also like her colleague in the academia  Professor Remi Sonaiya, has a strong Christian faith. 

In 1988 she founded the Agape Bible Church(Eagles Cathedral) at the Presidential Housing Estate(Church Headquarters), Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The focus and mission has been to help in raising the body of Christ, by the preaching the gospel of the kingdom to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Professor Adesanya-Davies preaches and ministers on invitations, and always represents the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and serves as the Secretary of the Elders Council of the National Supreme Council for Ecclesiastical Affairs(Nigeria).

She is a member of the British Association for Applied Linguistics, BAAL (UK), Phonetics,Association(IPA),UK, International Reading Association, USA, Linguistics Association of Nigeria, LAN, Association of Nigerian Authors,ANA and Nigerian Teachers Registration Council,TRC.

A former Director of the Centre for Vocational Skills, Entrepreneurial and General Studies and has worked with several notable institutions, across Africa, USA, UK and Canada. 

Prof Funmilayo Davies was the Editor and contributor to the book “Jonathan/Sambo Presidency in Nigeria: A Symbol for Peace, Unity and Progress” in published in the 2011 general elections.

An interesting fact about her profile is her awards and recognitions across the continent of Africa and the globe.

This is an attestation to her consistency in driving excellence, upholding values and a high premium on Integrity. 

Some of the remarkable awards she has bagged include the following; UN-POLAC World Peace Ambassador Award,(2013), African Achievers Merit Award, Accra, Ghana(2014), Nigerian Woman of the Year Award,Abuja, Nigeria (2014), Nelson Mandela Life of Legendary Achievement Award, Dubai, UAE,(2014) and the World Ambassador for Christ Award, Nigeria (2017). 

In terms of academic publications, she has to her credit the following books and journals; A Contrastive Analysis of Focus in English and Yoruba(2002),Investigating the Language of Mathematics (2007), Effects of the Use of Information and Communications Technology(ICT), On Students’ Achievement in English Lexis and Structure(2010), and The Jonathan/Sambo Presidency:A Symbol of Peace,Unity and Progress (2011), amongst others. 

She is passionate about the transformation, development, progress and unity of Nigeria.

Her political journey started with the Accord Party before she joined the People’s Democratic Party.

This informed her declaration earlier this year, to contest the 2019 Presidential elections under the People’s Democratic Party. 

Professor Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies is an accomplished Educationist, who believes she can boost Nigeria’s Human Capital Development Index and its Competitiveness in the area of skills and talent management.

She is married to Pastor Femi Adesanya and they are blessed with Children.

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