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Who Is Oscar Kidjo ? | Biography | Profile| History Of The Late Brother Of Singer Angélique Kidjo: Oscar Kidjo

Meet The Late Brother Of Singer Angélique Kidjo: Oscar Kidjo, Oscar Kidjo was the director of promotion of the arts education the Ministry of Culture of Benin. From the same musical family as Angelique Kidjo, he studied music with her at the Berklee School of Music.

He helps us to establish links with the ministry and potential donors in Benin. He is also consulting on our studio development project. The head of the Kidjo clan, Dah Kidjo is also a native to Ouidah.


Legendary African musician, Angelique Kidjo is bereaved. She announced the death of her older brother, Oscar Kidjo who died on July 11th, 2018 after a long illness.


According to her, ‘he was a great musician and a great producer and all of his life he supported me tirelessly. I made my debut with him. He helped me compose my first songs. With him I learned the rigour and discipline you have to have when you want to be a musician. He was the one who showed me the importance of knowing with passion your own roots and being proud of them. He was very loved and respected by the musicians of Benin and elsewhere’.


‘Oscar, I know you’re gonna keep watching over me from where you are. I love you and my thoughts go to your wife and your children and to the whole family’ she added.


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