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Who Is  Pastor Christy Idahosa? | Biography| Profile| History Of Wife of Bishop and General overseer of God First Ministries International (a.k.a illumination Assembly) Pastor Christy Idahosa

Meet Pastor Christy Idahosa, the wife of the firebrand bishop and general overseer of Godfirst Ministries International (a.k.a illumination Assembly), Isaac Idahosa.

Pastor Christy Idahosa, is one female preacher and virtuous woman that has respect for those that are closed to her husband without exhibiting exuberant attitude towards them. In this part of the world, women of her class are hardly found. To God be thy glory, she has able to live a simple life as minister’s wife to the core.

She is one inestimable woman whose beauty synonymous to her golden character in making a good family over the years.

Bishop Isaac Idahosa has testified, many a time to Mindset Media Limited and Gabrio Voice Magazine, how, God used his refulgent wife to bless his calling and rebuild his destiny to a shining light.

According to Bishop Isaac Idahosa,I got married to my wife as a singer cum songwriter and had nothing to write home about and she stood by me till today. Women of her class hardly exhibit humbleness among their peers, but Christy Idahosa is one woman that has love for the downtrodden in Nigeria.

Having watched her in a short distance, she does not drag pulpit with her husband or displays haughty and condescending spirit than respecting the altar and the call of God in the life of her husband. She is the crown of her beloved husband whose spiritual and physical legacies has contributed towards the growth of the ministry over the years.

To Mindset Media Limited, Gabrio Voice Magazine and illumination Assembly members, she is the Dorcas of our time whose creative and progressive inputs are worthy of emulation to this generation of general overseers’ wives in Nigeria.

She is blessed with two lovely children (Christebel and Apostle).

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