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Ruby Orjiakor is a fast rising Nollywood actress, producer, dancer, television personality and a model. She was born and bred in Port Harcourt, River State in the south southern part of Nigeria. … Ruby Ojiakor stumbled into acting after she was contracted to choreograph a dance movie entitled “Let’s Dance”.

In this chat with The Entertainer, the actress opens up on growing up and why she can’t act nude.Excerpts:


Could we know a bit about your background?


I am Ruby Ojiakor, a native of Amaraku, Isi-Ala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State. I am from a Christian home and a family of six. I am the fifth child of my family. I was born and brought up in Port Harcourt.


For how long have you been acting?


I have been acting for quite some time now but can’t really tell because I started as a dancer before I eventually went fully into acting. However, I have always had a passion for acting right from my days at Institute of Management & Technology (IMT), Enugu.


How did acting start for you?


Seriously, acting came as a surprise for me. I was still a dancer when I was contracted to choreograph a movie entitled Let’s Dance. Along the line I was invited to take part in the movie and today the rest is history.


Did anyone try to discourage you?


No one did. I can remember vividly because my family was fully in support of my career. They always encouraged me both in words and prayers.


Were you born with silver spoon?


Honestly, growing up was not a smooth journey for me and so, I will say a capital no; I was not born with a silver spoon. As a matter of fact, I am the bread winner of my home. That is why I try as much as I can to interpret each role given me to the best of my ability. I am working very hard to make my family proud. I grew up in an environment where life was not easy. In fact, I grew up in a public compound but I thank God for where I am today.


What were the challenges you faced in the beginning?


Actually, my greatest challenge back then was being on set with the biggest artistes in the industry. I always felt awkward if my role requested that I insulted them. I was always scared of doing it because I didn’t know how he or she would take it. Consequently, I got shouted on by my directors who told me not to be scared but to act my roles well.


What are you currently working on? It is a surprise. I will let you know when I am done. But just be aware that something great is coming your way soonest; something that will make waves for a long time to come.


If you are to flaunt any part of your body, what part would that be and why?


It will be my eyes and gap tooth because people always complement me based on them.


The industry is highly competitive, how do you intend breaking into the A-list? What makes you stand out?


Actually, that’s true but I want you to understand that I am just me and will always remain me. There can never be another me, and with God and prayers, I strongly believe I will get there. What makes me stand out is my name, Ruby Ojiakor. Ask and they will tell you there is no other person like me. Nobody in the industry can carry my roles better than I do.


If you were to date anybody in the industry, who could that be?


I am sorry I can’t answer that question.


Are you married or single?I am single.


Who is the lucky man in your life?


I am sorry it is confidential but I will let you know when the right time comes.




What attracted you to him?


Please… next question.


Could you describe your ideal man?


My ideal man is someone who is honest, responsible, good looking and above all, God fearing. Divorce is my worst fear in life. That is why I wouldn’t just want any kind of man in my life.


Have you been heartbroken before?


Sure, but that was a long time ago. I was still in school then. In fact, he was my first love.


Are you still dating your first love?


We broke up long ago. We are not together anymore.




Has any female actress made a pass at you before?


Hmmm… please, I can’t answer this question.



So many up-and-coming actresses are complaining about sexual harassment. Could you share your experience with us?


I have not encountered such. I believe it is those desperate ones who want to become super stars without working for it that usually fall victims of such because they want to make it by hook or crook, so they end up giving out something in exchange for roles; you know what I mean? Well, as for me, whatever and wherever I am today is by merit and God’s grace.


How do you handle men that just want sex from you?


I just walk out on them because I believe they have nothing good to offer and my body is not for sale. Like I said earlier, I am from a Christian home and well trained. I can work and make my own money; I can’t depend on any man’s pocket. They’re just out to destroy other people’s children while safe guarding theirs.



Could you break your head for a man you love?


Why should I break my head? If I do, then it is madness and not love.




Can you act nude? How much of your body can you expose in a movie?


I can never act nude no matter the amount of money involved. My body is too precious to me. And besides, my parents and siblings will just disown me. Because I love my family I will never do anything to drag their name in the mud.

If your future husband says you should quit acting, would you oblige him?


I believe that when I get to that bridge I will know how to cross it. Life is all about understanding. When you understand and trust each other, I don’t think that anything whatsoever should be a problem.

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