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Who Is Saidat Balogun?| Biography| Profile| History Of Big Brother Naija 2019 Pepper Dem Housemate Saidat Balogun AKA Avala

Meet Big Brother Naija 2019 Pepper Dem Housemate Saidat Balogun, Saidat Balogun aka Avala is a Single mom and budding singer, She is not here to play as Being part of Big Brother Naija is part of pursuing her dreams and she also wants to inspire other young women.

Saidat “Avala” Balogun’s highest point of her life is when she gave birth to her daughter and her single, ‘Give me a chance’. The budding singer studied music and business at York College in Queens, New York. It’s no wonder then that her top artists include one of the city’s most famous exports, Mary J Blidge. Just like the Queen of Hip Hop, the Ogun State native has ambitions to spread her music all over the world.

What irritates you most about other people: Disloyalty.

What will you do with the prize money: My mom is everything to me. I will build a house for her and my daughter. I also want to invest in real estate.

Why will you be a fan favourite: I’m not there to play, they will see that I’m serious, I’m a single mom pursuing her dream. I want to be an inspiration to a lot of people.


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