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Who Is Tania Omotayo? | Biography Of Tania Omotayo | Profile Of Tania Omotayo | History Of Tania Omotayo| Meet Wizkid’s Ex-Girl Friend/Lover & Fashion entrepreneur, Tania Omotayo.

Meet Wizkid’s Ex-Girl Friend/Lover & Fashion entrepreneur, Tania Omotayo. The half-Nigerian and half-Austrian beauty is a well-known personality in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Tania Omotayo is believed to be a well-known personality in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Tania Omotayo was born on the 14th of June. Her parents are not both Nigerian. Her mother is a Nigerian, Yoruba in particular. Her father is from Austria, his name is Mr. Teller.Wizkid and Tania? Rumors say that they met each other in 2008. This was a time when Wizkid was not very famous. He became popular in 2009 and also joined EME.

Tania Omotayo age

Then there is the issue that Tania always tries to hide. On the Internet, there are lots of sources where you can see her date of birth – 14th of June, but you cannot find her year of birth. Always young and beautiful!

Tania Omotayo career:  When it comes to her occupation, it can be said that she has several of them – Senior Creative Analyst at the Temple Management Company, a model and an entrepreneur.

The company where she works deals with talents management. Its aim is to change entertainment in Nigeria and to provide management for events in the industry of entertainment, sport, media, and art. She also contributes to charity as she likes to do positive deeds.. Apart from being one of the pioneers of Temple Management Company, she has also been working on some fashion-related projects for a while. According to her comments, she will reveal all about it soon.

Like many enterprising young women, Tania Omotayo does not put her hustle in one basket. On one hand, she is a Senior Creative Analyst at the Temple Management Company (TMC), a leading talent management and events company. On the other, Tania is a model and an entrepreneur. She never stops moving forward and we can thank her dad for that.

If you’ve heard of Tania Omotayo and always wanted to know more, or if you’re curious to know the insights of working in the Nigerian entertainment industry, what are you waiting for? Read on!

What would you like the world to know about Tania?

I would like the world to know that I am a hard-working and focused young woman. I am a Senior Creative Analyst at the Temple Management Company (TMC) which is a leading talent management and events company. Also, I am a model and an entrepreneur.

I don’t think I ever stop. If it doesn’t have something to do with my regular 9-5 job then it’s my personal business. I am always up to something. I learnt from my father, watching him work so hard my whole life, I couldn’t imagine doing less. And
it is something I am extremely proud of.

What legacy do you see yourself leaving in this world?

It’s weird because it’s not something I spend a great deal of time thinking about. But I do hope to leave my mark on this planet in some way. I hope to be remembered as one of the pioneers at the Temple Management Company, that brought change to the Nigerian entertainment industry.

I hope to be remembered for doing amazing things for charity, impacting people’s lives and for genuinely making a difference.

Tell us more about the Temple Management Company. How did it come about?

The Temple Management Company was founded by Mr. Idris Olorunnimbe at the start of 2016. TMC is a child of necessity, the company was started to bring structure and change to our entertainment industry. We are a 360 full-service talent agency and talent management company.

We specialize in the representation of personalities with African heritage from all over the globe in the entertainment, sports, media, public and arts sectors. Also, we specialize in the management of events in the entertainment, sports, media, public
and arts sectors.

I am proud to say that I am part of the nucleus group that helped build the company from the very beginning.

How do you plan to scale up the Temple Management company in the next few years?

We have so many big plans and projects we are working on. I think the main thing is we are focused on changing the game, and we do things differently and properly. We have a lot of extension plans which we have already started with South Africa, Kenya, United Kingdom and the United States.

So, in a few years I am sure we will be leaving our footprint worldwide.

What’s one thing about the industry you work in that you would like to change?

If I had to change one thing, it would be to create a platform so that we have the same
structure in place as the rest of the world. Nigeria is one of the few countries in which talents do not really get royalties or adequate compensation from our hard work. I think it is unfair and dispiriting.

If I only had one thing to change, it would definitely be to improve the welfare
of our talents when compared with the rest of the world.

What’s a typical day like for you?

I actually do not have a typical day. My weekdays are completely different from my
weekends. I have crazy weekdays, and more chilled days. On my crazy days, it can be waking up at 5 am and finishing work at 10pm, on days like that I really can’t do anything else. But on my more chilled days, I start work at 9 am and finish between 5 and 7pm.

On days like that, I have time to watch a favourite TV show or a movie. On the weekends I like to sleep as much as I can so I am fresh for the week. So I usually spend most of it in bed.

What motto(s) do you live by?

I have so many, but these are some of my favourites and I’ll explain why:

  • “Someone else is happy with less than what you have” – This helps me to remember to appreciate what I have.
    “Success is the best revenge”- This is pretty self explanatory when people don’t believe in you or try and water down your dreams, the best way to get them back is to succeed at it.
  • “Happiness is yours to choose or reject. So embrace it.” – This took me a while to fully understand but now I am a pro at choosing to be happy. You should never let other people ruin your happiness.

What can we expect from you in this year?

For 2017 you can expect a lot from me. Outside of working for Temple, I am working on a really exciting fashion project that I cannot wait to reveal. It is something that I have been working on for over a year now and I am super excited.

I am also working to solidify my brand as a model and I have some projects coming up that I am also very excited about.


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