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Who Is Titi Adeoye? | Biography| Profile| History Of Yoruba Actress Titi Adeoye

Meet Yoruba Actress Titi Adeoye. She is an actress and scriptwriter who is beginning to climb the ladder of success in the industry.

Titi Adeoye came into the industry in 2008 when she joined Mr Latin Production Institute to study the craft of acting.

However, not everyone is aware that the Abeokuta based actress  has a love child but she is willing to tell the whole world that she is a happy mother of one and her daughter remains her driving force. How it started Acting began for me from my primary school days?

When I got to higher institution, I started doing stage plays which people paid to watch. While in the higher Institution, I joined Mr Latin theater school in Abeokuta. Joining the group gave me the necessary training I needed to thrive in my craft. I will always appreciate my boss, Otunba Bolaji Amusan aka Mr Latin for being there always  for me.


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