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Tope23 TOPE Mark Odigie is the head of make-up and wardrobe at Television Continental, Lagos. She is also one of the co-hosts of Your View, which airs every morning at the same TV station.

Tope studied Science Laboratory Technology at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, but found herself talking on TV.  Tope is married to Mark Odigie and they are blessed with twins.

Tope Mark – Odigie is a Professional Makeup artist, currently the head of department Makeup and Wardrobe at Continental Broadcasting Services Limited owners of TV Continental. As a Beauty Consultant with 10 years experience in the industry, I am passionate about teaching and training others her art. She is also known for her strong youth advocacy and love for politics.

Tope Mark Odigie has been a makeup artist for over a decade. She is also the head of makeup and wardrobe at TVC. Tope as one of the co hosts on “Your View”, contributes her quota from her own angle of experience in both beauty and entertainment

Briefly describe yourself.

My name is Tope Mark Odigie. I am a full time make-up artist and part time presenter.  I make sure anybody coming on television looks good.  I hold that department at Television Continental, Lagos.

What are you popularly known for on the programme, Your View?

I am the politician.  I talk more of politics.  The young people need to know what our leaders are doing.  The young are interested in what is going on in politics.

Did you study Mass Communication in school?

I studied Science Laboratory Technology.  I would have studied Mass Communication because that was what I loved to do but JAMB wouldn’t allow me to do that.  There wasn’t also a proper career guide to direct us to what we have passion for, because I couldn’t get Medicine I was admitted for SLT, by now I should be doing blood test in laboratory.  My passion brought me into broadcasting.

What made you think you can do broadcasting?

I can talk, I am bold and articulate enough to put my words together.

Don’t you consider your look as one of your strong points?

I believe in what is in my head and not my look, and that is my unique quality. I look good and have something in my brain.

What particular rituals do you go through before coming on air?

I research a lot, I come prepared because I will be held accountable for whatever I say on air. Before coming on air as a Christian, I pray to God to guide me.

Of all the topics that have come up on the programme which one have generated the most controversy?

The Stella Oduah car scandal. It generated heated argument.

What is your relationship status?

I am married with two boys. I had twins.  They are about two years old. I have been married for about three and a half years now.  My husband is an IT entrepreneur.


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