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Who Is Valerie Udeh? | Biography | Profile| History Of Nigeria’s Blockbuster TV series Holy Grail Actress, Valerie Udeh

Meet Valerie Udeh, She is an Nigerian Actress and a Fashion Stylist.

Valerie Udeh, hails from Anambra State and holds a BSC in Estate Management from the University of Ile Ife, Ife, Nigeria.

She said she has always had the passion for acting and always intrigued by role playing, how an individual with a meek personality can act like a villain or vice versa, how they switch personalities that made her passion grow even more, so after obtaining her BSC she  decided to take it up as a career.

She trained herself by reading and watching a lot of educational movies, then started attending audition until she got a role in a TV Series tarted acting professionally in December 2012 when she starred in the reality TV drama ‘Road to Stardom’ in December 2012. She has since been acting professionally and has since starred in a series of short films, movies and TV series, including The day before yesterday, Death Sentence,
What are Friends For, Out of Hand, Run, e.t.c.

This role-playing and Vocally talented Actress believes she stands out because she always digs deep to connect with the characters she plays, hence, she chooses her script wisely and is always up for a good challenge.

She loves watching movies, listening to music ‘rock and roll’, dancing and cooking.

Valerie is young, talented, beautiful  and is sure storming the Film industry with her uncanny creativity, intelligence and a natural gift for making stories come to life.
You can reach Valerie via Facebook on: https://www.facebook.com/valerie.udeh
Twitter: @valerieudeh









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